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Hello! As the title suggests, I think I'm dating someone with bi-polar issues. We've been together for 3 years and I do love him, but it's getting the point where I'm going to break it off because it's so unhealthy. I was talking to one of my close friends the other day and she was saying how the things he does relates to her sister, who is diagnosed with bi-polar. That includes:

- Constant lying, with just about anything! No matter big or small
- Stealing, especially money.. and when caught, turns the story around and NEVER admits. Instead, acts like the victim
- Gets overly angry, even with the smallest issues. As a couple, he always avoided those "talks" and gets really angry even when I'm not even trying to argue
- Once he is angry, he can completely isolate himself and not return any calls no matter the situation or even see me for that matter.

With these symptoms, are any of you familiar with it being related to bi-polar disorder? Or is he just crazy? I'm not even going to bring it up to him because I don't want to deal with what his reaction might be. I'm sick of it. But at the same time if he does have the disorder, I can't help but to feel bad for him and wish he would go get help.

Your feedback would be really appreciated!

Hello Kay,

Of course I don't know whether your boyfriend is bipolar, which is usually marked by extreme mood swings. If he is aware that is behaviour is upsetting you and he is willing to do something about it he could be helped overcome his mood disorders. If not, it is best to leave him, because after all, he need to be motivated and  you have to look after your own mental health.

I suggest if he is interested in helping himself he joins the Facebook page : Mental Illness and Nutritional Treatment  

Bipolar Disorder

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