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Hi, Bob, have attended several of your BB talks & have hosted many bluebird nestings....however, last year & apparently this year also there are a pair (?) of extremely aggressive mockingbirds who routinely chase my small birds away from the yard.  They sat on the bluebird nestbox continuously last spring except when they were'nt chasing other I saw a pair of bluebirds a few days ago & sure enough they dive-bombed them until they left the yard.....I know it's illegal to harm the mockers but what can I do?....I am going to set up another bb nestbox in a different area of my yard to see if that will help...still would like those darn mockers to just be gone...thanks, Judy

Hi Judy. Youn are taking the right approach. Both Mockingbirds and Blue Jays take over and "own" a piece of property and it is a mistake to put Bluebird boxes too close to that. They are good birds in many ways and get many insects (but unfortunately the Blue Jay also raids small birds nests). Move your boxes. See the top of page 19 in my book (Let me know if you don't have it). Along the road to your home is the best place of all as cars stir up and knock down insects and there are fewer four legged predators and snakes. Good luck and happy New Year! Bluebird Bob Walshaw.


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