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Birding/illegal to collect feathers?


I'm confused by the various things I've read about it being illegal to collect feathers & nests. I can understand that it's illegal to take feathers from live birds, to steal eggs from nests, or take nests that are being used. But can it really be illegal to collect feathers that are lying in the yard or on the sidewalk, simply because they're pretty, not to make anything & sell it? or to collect empty broken eggshells that have fallen on the ground?

Yes, it is illegal to collect or possess nests, eggs, eggshells, feathers, bones, beaks, or any other part of a wild bird without having a hunting license during hunting season or possessing a federal permit. The reason is that poachers can shoot a bird or take a nest or eggs or pluck feathers from a captured bird and say "I just found the bird/feathers/nest." So the only way the law can work is to make possession of all bird parts illegal without federal permits of some sort. Believe me, I know there is a lot of hunting of songbirds going on - eggs, nests, feathers, etc. and it's discouraging, even with the law.


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