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Unknown Bird
Unknown Bird  
Hello Roger!

Hope spring is treating you kindly.  I've been going through some photos I took last year at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Georgia, and I came across this bird.  I was unsure based on the markings, but thought it might be a female indigo bunting.

Any chance you might be able to make an identification for me?

If necessary< i do have a few more photos but they are primarily of the bird wet, some with a tuft sticking up on the crown.


Bill Schwartz

Well, my guess is Fox Sparrow, but I'm not positive. The shape of the body, the bill, the rufous tail and wings, the length of the tail all point to Fox Sparrow (immature) but it should have spots on its chest and it doesn't. But if it is not a Fox Sparrow, I don't know what else to guess.


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