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For the past week or two, my husband and I have noticed a large flock of birds have been sleeping in our tree. When we go outside at nighttime and make noise, they flap their wings like crazy to the point that they are shaking leaves off the tree. It's truly amazing! However! There is bird droppings all over our patio/furniture and the plants in our yard! I have no idea what type of birds they are. Are they migrating? Or will they be here forever??

I would guess they are some sort of blackbird or starlings. They are roosting in a safe place at night. They may be migrating locally as they are apparently done breeding and raising young. It is pretty common. I suspect they won't be there too long - a week or two or three, maybe, and then they will move on. Their droppings might be a bit of a mess, but they are harmless - no diseases, etc. Take a photo and set it along and I'll tell you what kind of birds they are.


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