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I was driving today, and what looked like a small yellow bird flew up and over my windshield. I didn't hear any impact, but I had the music turned up really loud. I have a rack on the top of my car and I am scared the bird might have hit that, maybe hit a wing or something and broken it?? I didn't turn around because I wasn't even sure if it was a bird I had seen and I didn't think I really hit it, but now I feel horrible and I should have turned back!! I was going around 80km/h, but if the bird just hit a wing or something, maybe there was something I could have done :( What generally happens to a bird with a broken wing in the wild? Will it starve to death?

About 57 million birds per year are killed on the highways so you are certainly not alone. If the bird suffered a broken bone, especially a wing, it is a goner. Birds do not do well with injuries. But you don't even know what happened, so don't fret over it.


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