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I found a young mourning dove in my backyard this morning.  My husband saw it there last night.  When I approached it ran into the overgrown grass behind my deck.  I flushed it out and gently picked it up and placed in a kennel with a clean towel, some seed and a dish of water.  I see no signs of trauma, ie blood,etc.  I am going to have to take care of this bird myself, so if it is just an injury to the wing (which doesn't seem to be sticking out or anything) can I keep the bird quiet and safe until it heals?  What do you suggest I feed this young dove?
Thank you in advance for your help.

You don't indicate that the bird is injured. It may be too young to fly in which case the parents will be around taking care of it. Best thing to do is release it where you found it. Young doves need special food from the parents that they produce in their crop - pigeon milk, so called. The young dove will not eat seeds. Please release immediately but thanks for your concern.


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