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Birding/house sparrow problems


QUESTION: I hope you can answer this because i'm at my wits end. We have house sparrows who are pooping all over our porch and patio.  We have tried taking a way feed, hanging strips of reflective material everywhere. CD's and everything. Our porch looks horrible!  How on earth can we get these guys off of our porch?  I will not use bird spikes, or shoot them and such. I don't want to hurt them. I've read articles that the statue type things don't work. Obviously the shiny stuff and food removal doesn't either.  What can I do?  Thanks you

ANSWER: No, statues and models and noises don't work. Sometimes CD's do. You didn't say, but I assume that the House Sparrows are roosting in the eves of the porch or under gutters, or something like that. I doubt if they are just sitting in the open on the porch. If that's the case - roosting in cavities,, then you need to close off those openings so they can't enter. Something is attracting them and  that's what you need to eliminate. And thanks for not wanting to just kill them - as most people do.

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QUESTION: They aren't roosting anywhere near our porch!  I think they just feel secure hanging around because of the lattice work.  It's large enough for them to hop through.  But, yes, they just sit on the concrete and hop all around.  On the actual porch by the door, they do the same.  It's kind of funny.  If I go out alone, they don't even fly away!  LOL. But, when I bring out the dog, they're gone.  There's no way for us to enclose the whole area.  I'm at a loss.  No, I WILL NOT KILL THEM! But, man I am ticked.

There is some reason they are there. If they are not roosting overnight, then it is odd they are just hanging around. The absolute proven way to get rid of them is to leave your dog out there as much as you can. After a few days of dog scaring, they will disappear.  


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