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Birding/the highest-flying bird?


Hello Roger,

Years ago I came across a statement saying that, whereas since ancient times people thought the eagle to be the highest-flying bird, scientists today believe that certain finches fly higher. Now that I actually have a use for that statement, and despite my having searched till my fingers have worn down to the knuckles, I can't find it again.

I don't expect you yourself will know its source (or even that you would agree with it); but if perhaps you do concur, might you be able to lead me to another quotable source? (Or perhaps you can offer yourself as one?)


Finches don't fly very high; neither do eagles for that matter. The highest flying birds are the Bar-headed Geese that cross the Himalayas on migration - 21,000 to 23,000 feet. You can get sources from the references at Wikipedia at  


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