Unidentified duck
Unidentified duck  
Unidentified duck pic 2
Unidentified duck pic  
QUESTION: I have just moved from FL to TN and there is a duck hanging around the place I just moved and I was trying to find out what kind it is but cannot find any duck that matches it on yahoo's search engine or google's either. Can you help? Here is a couple pics of the duck in question.

ANSWER:  It's a mutt. It is a Mallard with a lot of its cousins thrown in. Mallards mate with domestic ducks, especially around city ponds and barnyards. Almost anyplace you find domesticated or semi-domesticated ducks you will find these hybrids. You won't find a picture to match because it's what some people call a Heinz 57 - like dogs are mutts, some birds are too.

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QUESTION: Ok. Thank you. One more question. Is there a way to tell if it is male or female?

It looks like it has a greenish head, so I suspect it is a male. The only way to tell for sure is pretty complicated and involves capturing the duck and turning it upside down and everting its sex organs. I don't suppose you want to get involved in that :-)


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