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I have three baby chimney sweep birds.  The mother and father were feeding them last night in the chimney and they were loud all day.  I went into the room tonight and there were three babies on the chimney screen. I used a paper towel and placed them back on the floor of the chimney, the mother was hollering while I was putting them back in, I didn't want them in the house, however, I no longer hear the mother and am concerned for the babies.....what are my options, I work all day and cannot feed, or care for them but don't want them to die if I can prevent it. live in Hampton county SC, near Hampton SC and am in desperate need to find someone that can take care of them if the mother does not return.  What can I do if anything.  My phone number is  If someone could contact me I would be very grateful.  Any advise please, ASAP before they die. Thanks Donna

Well it is hard to say because I can't picture the chimney screen and chimney floor. The best thing to do is contact your local wildlife official or bird rehabilitation center. Thw WIldlife Regional office is 843-953-5291 and the Dennis Wildlife Center is at 843-825-3387. Thanks for your concern. By the way, these birds are called Chimney Swifts.


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