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Hi, I have a cardinal pair that has laid 2 eggs in a nest a foot away from my bedroom window, which normally I leave open to smoke and hang out of. Most times she will just watch me but if I lean out too far she fly's away,so I have now been trying to keep it closed so as not to bother her. But last night we had quite a rainfall, although the nest seemed to be ok except for the eggs were no longer visible. But she came back and sat on the nest anyways. Could they have been sunk down into the nest so they are not visible or is she doing it out of instincts because they have been laid a few days ago? thanks

Usually the parent will lie flat on the eggs to protect them from the rain. It's fun to watch the birds nest but if she flies away the eggs will cool down while she is gone, A little bit of time of cooling is ok, but if she keeps flying off the eggs could die, so please try to minimize the disturbance to the next. Thanks for your concern.


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