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aalienlady wrote at 2013-09-23 15:06:17
What she is describing does not sound like an American Robin. They are A smaller squatty body bird than what she is describing.

I have seen something similar to what she is describing here in Punta Gorda Florida.

I have raised all sorts of Exotic birds and I know only our common Florida birds.

The bird I see similar to the one she is seeing is also a once a year thing for me too. I get one - two - to several a year visit me.  I live in a Florida type woodsy areas with a few homes on each block for miles.

The bird/s I spot are right outside my window - less than 3 feet form my window - so I get a good look at them as they are sitting on my feeder.

They are IDENTICAL to the mocking bird in every way. Right down to the bill. It is not hooked - they are not Thrashers.

I believe, because of my vast breeding of Cockatiel's and other exotic birds, that this might be an odd ball mocking bird with a pigment of red/rust/brown.  

Like there are albinos in many species, I think this is a RARE RUST Color Mocking bird.  The one I saw a few minutes ago (Sept 23rd) was really a very red rust this year.  Sometimes they are more brown with the slight overglow of rust.  Perhaps that is the female???

I search every year trying to find a Florida bird to match these birds and never find a look alike - except the Mockingbird.

BTW - Today the one I spotted was like a slightly larger than normal Mockingbird.  He was really big and healthy looking. They even hop through the grass just like our Mockingbirds.


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