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Birding/duck death/grieving

Advertisement wrote at 2011-04-26 10:40:23
I too have found a male duck grieving at the side of the female, I feel so helpless and can find no advice anywhere so have left the body where it is. So Sad.

karen dennis wrote at 2014-03-31 15:18:01
I know how you feel I had 2 mallard ducks, doodles was 12 years old and was killed by dogs this week, now Donald is looking for him all over, Donald is 8. years old and doodles is all he has ever know. My heart is breaking, I miss doodles so much, and even worst seeing Donald crying for him looking everywhere it,s killing me I have a friend with ducks, and as much as it will hurt to let him leave me, I am taking him there, he can,t survive on his own, need to be with other ducks now.Afraid for his safety, and can,t keep him in his cage all the time. HURTS!


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