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Rose wrote at 2013-05-25 01:57:22
Hello Wrens throw the baby robins barn swallows and many more species from their nest. They also punch holes in eggs and stab others birds babies in their nest. I've watched a dove sit on a robins nest with robin babies then after a few seconds she threw one of the babies out. Starlings do the same thing to robins and other birds. Stab their babies in the nest or throw them from the nest. I put babies back in the nest year after year and it works out fine. even if you are not sure if it is dead or alive because it is so small. Just put it in the nest, if it is dead the mother will remove it. Every baby I've put back lived. Even a nest that had blown down in a storm. The babies with no feathers at all yet just skin. Didn't even lift their heads when I picked them from the ground in the rain. They were scattered on the ground out of the nest and ants were crawling on them. I picked them up. Cleaned them put them back in the nest, picked the nest up off the ground and tied it to the same spot it was in. The parents watched me do it and came back to the nest and raised the babies.  

Roger wrote at 2015-01-20 04:53:55
Nonsense. Wrens don't throw other birds from their nest and throw other birds' babies out. And a dove throwing out robin babies is also nonsense.


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