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Birds--General/3 baby budgies sleep a lot and never see them drink


QUESTION: Dear Rodger,

I have 3 baby budgies in my home since last week. They seem to sleep a lot. i went to the vet yesterday and got antibiotics as they had wet yellow droppings. It seems a bit better today, but I am afraid they dont get the antibiotics as i never see them drink. ( ive put the antibiotics in their water. is it normal that budgies dont drink that much? and shouldnt they be very active?

I have a good size cage, with toys and things to clime for them. I change the water and food everyday.

Can you help me with this? I am new in birds and I am really worried.

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: It's commonly reported by others that they never see their budgie drink. That doesn't mean they don't drink, only that you never see them do so. They have to be drinking or they will get dehydrated and die in a day or two. Hide yourself somewhere distant from the budgies, stay quiet, and watch them for an hour or two. I bet you will see them drink.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks rodger for your answer. i will do that. But is it Normal that they sleep that much? shouldnt they be very active? they do feel comfortable around me, they even get on my finger and out of the cage, but they fall a sleep straight away, on my finger, or on the floor outside the cage, in the cage they eat and sleep again. do i need to worry?

I don't know why you took them to the vet or why the vet prescribed antibiotics but either the infection or the antibiotics are making them lethargic. Apparently they were ill so they are probably just getting over whatever it is they had. I wouldn't worry at this point.


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