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QUESTION: I am in a real dilema here..I have a grey cockatiel that I thought was a female by the cheek patch..The cheek patch is very dull like a female however it sings and whistles like a male..There are no bars on the wings..Are there male cockatiels with dull cheek patches ???

ANSWER: Hi Valerie. Rather than trying to explain everything here as there are different color cocktiels, please go to for a good explanation of how to sex your bird. And unless it is 6-8 months old, sexing techniques are not reliable.

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QUESTION: I wasnt able to open that site..My bird in over a year old..And I am a breeder..I thought the dull cheek patches on a grey cockatiel indicated a female..however it sings and whistles ..I checked the wings and no bars..was just wondering if a male grey cockatiel can have dull cheek patches like a female ??

Here's another site to try :
If you can't get this site , then try a different browser. The reason I send you to sites rather than trying to answer your question here is that these sites have helpful photos. Good luck


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