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QUESTION: My doves had 2 eggs. The first one they threw out of the nest in week one. The second one they sat on and on day 14 they pushed it to the back of the nest. I moved it back to were they would sit on it the next day. will the baby hatch or is it dead from being cold from them not sitting on it? now on day 17.

ANSWER: Once incubation starts it has to continue for the young to hatch. Since they started incubation and then stopped, the egg is bad.

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QUESTION: ok, any idea why they would set on it for 14 days and then just push it away?

Since I don't know the situation, I can only surmise that either one of the parents are ill or malnourished, they are young and inexperienced, or they just got frustrated for some other reason. It is not at all unusual for birds to abandon a nest or eggs , especially the first one.


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