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Dee wrote at 2013-04-04 01:28:06
How far along is the blackness. Amputation of the affected digits is recommended treatment for humans, not sure if a vet would be willing to undertake for a wild bird. Remember, this will get very expensive. My last wild rescue (assisted by and under the license of a rehabber) involved surgery and was over $500, though there are vets who treat wild animals cheaply or free (this was emergent and the injury was related to our aviary, so I felt responsible and lacking information on such vets, I took him to our own avian vet). Birds can live toe-less, however NOT in the wild. The bird would have to be cared for with special accommodations for the rest of  his life.

That being said,  this article has information on treatment for leg splaying.

The best person to contact in this instance would be a rehabber. You can find one in your area usually by doing a search in your favorite search engine. They often deal with tough cases with sick or injured birds, and usually can give great help and advise. Good luck.  


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