I have several feeders and I suet feeders. I attract all different woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, bluejays and now some Robins. I read that Robins will not eat seed so I bought some meal worms (yuck) and cut up some apple however the Robin's just sit in my bare cherry tree and look at it. I put the meal worms and apple on a flat plate on the ground. What else can I do to entice them? I go as far as to put peanut butter on the branches of the cherry tree for the birds to enjoy on top of all the feeders and I feel awful that the Robins are just sitting around watching. The cherries are dried up from the fall of last year. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.          Linda

Robins are just more shy or more wary than other birds. They rarely come to feeders like other birds do. They are omnivores and will eat insects, berries, worms, etc., but they are not likely to approach a feeder with more aggressive birds around. Maybe if you put meal worms and berries far away from the other feeder you might have more luck. But robins are just not known to come to feeders - also true for thrushes, flycatchers, warblers, vireos, swallows, etc.


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