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I rescued and tamed a 20 day old pigeon that had fallen out of the nest.  It won't eat anything on it's own and it doesn't let me open it's beak to feed it.  I've tried peas and breadcrumbs and brown sugar oatmeal it drank enough of the broth to keep it alive for 3 days, but it's getting weaker now and I don't know what to do.  They said to try thawed corn and peas, but it won't let me feed it and I'm afraid it will choke if I force it.  Please help.

Birds rarely fall out of their nest. It jumped. The parents feed it on the ground until it can fly. You perhaps thought it fell out. The parents feed it a special food that they process in their body. I think you can get "pigeon milk" at a feed store. Peas, brown sugar oatmeal, and breadcrumbs provide no protein which is what the bird needs. I don't know who told you corn and peas; nonsense. If you can't get pigeon milk, try chick mash. At this point it might be too late, but give it a try. Contact your local bird rehab center if you have one; they might be able to take over.


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