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today I found what appears to be a baby dove. a rather large grey bird with lots of fuzz on his head but has many feathers on its body which appear to be in a tube of sorts coming out some are already out but most are still in the unable to steady itself but does extended wings and it had a pretty big beak.not chirping sqawking or anything...pretty much just a very faint squeak. Pretty alert  & wiggly if you're just holding it in the palm of your hand.

not sure how or what to feed it I did put some bread in water and got it really wet and sloppy. it opened it speak a little bit and seem to be taking in the fluid but not the actual mushy bread. I have it in a very small box with tall size and a nest made out of paper towels rolled up to make a circle with the bottom just shredded paper towels. It is just snuggled in it and sitting there. if I stick my hand in it does kinda respond by moving its head. like I said some of the feathers are pretty developed on his body not so much on its guess is its not quite what would be considered a fledgling but almost I would like to try and feed it and keep it that we can release it

is there anything you can advise me of that I can use to feed it for the next 24 hours anyway until I can perhaps get to a pet store to find something more suitable? Also not exactly sure how often I need to feed it as well and how much room does it really need to live...  if you could please help the kids and I would be eternally grateful I realize that the best mother is its own mother but the nest is way too high in the tree for us to return the

Ok, First thing - return the bird to where you found it, immediately. It didn't fall out of its nest, it jumped. Parents are somewhere feeding it. Let it go. Feeding it wet bread is no only not helpful, it is dangerous. The bread has no protein and the fluid might go into its lungs. It is a fledgling and needs to be with its parents.
Putting the bird back in its nest is not appropriate but dangerous as it will just jump out again.
I know you are trying to be helpful and I appreciate it but nature almost always knows best.  


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