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I have 2 sparrows about 8 or 9 mths old.  They dropped out of the nest that's above our door. Its about 15ft high so there was no way to return them.  They didn't have any feathers so they had to have been a few days old.  They would have died had I not put a pillow under the next. One had fallen and died before the two I have.  I fed then wet dog food,  baby cereal,  baby fruit and vegetables. Well we have 2 dogs so when they started to fly I bought a big cage and they been in ever since.  I let them out to fly almost everyday.  They both land on me but won't let me pick them up. The girl pecks my face and shoulder all the while she's on me.  When is time to go back they hate it.  My question is can i let them go free? They don't like the cage,  but they don't fly around.  They sit on certain spots.  The boy likes to go in a cube space. It's quite funny.  Please in new at birds.  I've researched a lot so I've done pretty good. I feel bad keeping them in a cage.  I don't want my dogs to get them.  So far they don't but I never know.  Thank you. Sincerely Christina

Well, I congratulate you on raising these birds, but you need to let them go as soon as possible, far from your house. They are wild birds and need to be in the wild. Unless they are House Sparrows, it is against Federal law to keep them. Release them and hopefully they will make it.  


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