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I had some mourning doves in a nest in my tree for the last 16-18 days, I check on them every day, they took turns sitting on the next, this morning the male was sitting next to the next , the female was sitting on my back fence. The male flew away she joined him, they flew on the electric poll near by.  I checked the nest no eggs?  I noticed small feathers on my pool screen, and a small clump of wet feather on the ground?  I was very upset to see this?  I know by the look of the male is was morning.  I have two dogs that run in the back yard every day, you don't think something happen when I let them out last night?  I don't see any dead bird on any part of the yard any where.   What do you think happen?  Very upset this happen to these beautiful Dove's?  


I'm not clear as to what happened but I gather the doves are gone? You say the male was morning; I guess you meant mourning and the female was gone? Actually, you can't tell male from female so it could have been the female one.
I'm not sure what happened but I suspect there was too much disturbance. If you kept looking in the nest and your dogs are running around in the area the birds could just have been disturbed too much and left. Or one of your dogs might have eaten one - the clump of feathers might be the leftovers.
Sad, but it happens.


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