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I have quite a few Parakeets, and am an American women living in Mexico.
No where to go with my questions here!
I have a male and female born out of healthy normal parents.
3 of the litter are now grown normal birds. But 2 were born with out any tail feathers at all,  and they have never grown in.
These 2 birds are not liked by any of my other parakeets and when outside in my big flight cage.....they are avoided by all!
The other birds would like to "pick on them"....but they are so aggressive that they have all learned to stay way!  The thing is they look more like baby chicks then a parakeet!   I have given them little ladders that they use to climb around on and they use their beaks to pull themselves up the sides of cages etc. They walk in a normal manner.   However I have just realized that now they are young adults...they still dont have any flight feathers in any of their wings!  They look just like I cut their wings very very short!
When they try to use their wings they look like a baby chick trying to take off!   of course they cant!  
The female was born an albino with the red eyes.  The male is a light blue/white with nice brown eyes.   Has anyone had baby's born like these two?
Are they what one might call a "cull?"
The thing is they are normal in all other ways and certainly have the will to survive!   But what does one do with them?
Actually they are rather cute and look like a new type of Parakeet!  I want to know if other people have ever had this type of bird born out of normal parents?
I have had many other baby's born to other parents and they have always just been very normal.  I am careful not to inbreed or to breed when too young.
         Thank you for your time,    Cindy Lee  

There was apparently some problem in development - either genetic or hormonal or diet deficiency or toxin or infection...... who knows, that caused the parakeets to be hatched without tail or flight feathers. Some breeders would cull these birds - kill them, or at least not let them breed. I am sure others have had albino babies and a variety of other color combinations.
What do you do with them? Well, you brought them into this world so I'd surmise that it is your responsibility to see that they have a healthy, happy life. You probably shouldn't breed them, though, in case it is a genetic problem. You probably shouldn't breed their parents again either as you might get more babies like them. Good luck.


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