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For the past two weeks we have had a robin's nest outside our living room window, nestled in a safe location, protected by the corners of our fence posts.  We do not disturb the mom when she is in the nest and always check to see if she is in the nest before we take a peek at the three eggs she has lain.  We haven't seen her for two days and when I peeked this morning, one of her eggs has been broken.  Has she left because one of the eggs was broken?  Or is it more likely that she left and some other animal broke the egg?  Is it best to just leave the nest alone or try to remove the broken egg in the hopes that Mom will return to care for the other two eggs?


She would not have left because an egg was broken. It may be that she died or was killed and some predator got to the eggs. If she truly has been gone for 2 days, it is unlikely she will return but leave the nest up. It is possible she or the male will return and nest again.


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