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Hello: Last night at dusk,I noticed a wasp on the eave overhanging my front door,and nearby,what appeared to be an egg sized wasp nest.I got my wasp spray out,and proceeded to spray both the "nest" and the solitary wasp.The "nest" suddenly took flight-it was a small bird,possibly a house sparrow.My question is: would being sprayed with insecticide be deleterious to the bird's health? Thanks

Well, from your information, it's hard to know. How much spray did it get and what kind of spray was it? If it dissipates readily, then it won't be a problem. If it does not or is an oil-based spray, then maybe, as birds preen their feathers and the pesticide will be ingested. Personally, I avoid poison sprays and try to remove things physically, but I understand that is not always possible.


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