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Well I have 2 baby mocking birds I had found them around the age of 3 days old they were fuzzy and there eyes weren't opened  I was walking my dog and she had sniffed something in the grass and it was a ripped up in pieces baby bird! As soon as I was about to turn around they were 2 other baby mocking birds. the nest was completely knocked over and this all happened at night! so what I did is I put them back in the nest which was on the floor almost already crumbled and I keep an eye on the for about 30 minutes  and there was no sign of the parents! So after that I went inside for about 45 minutes then came back out and there was a cat eating the dead one and about to go for the other 2 baby's! So I had scared the cat away and went to go check on the others and they were freezing cold and there was no sign of the parent's so I took them in!!Now they are about 8 days old I was just wanting to ask a few to tell there gender what is there chance of survival in the wild knowing that they are protected by my house and don't know nothing about outside....How long can mocking birds live up to in captivity. Well those are my question if you can please make time to read this I would love if you can reply back thank you so much!

Sounds like you did a good job taking care of the babies. Be sure to give them a little vitamin D for their bone growth, very important at their age.
To answer your questions:
1. You can't tell male from female by looking at them even as adults
2. They will do just fine outside as soon as they can fly - release them as soon as you can and ignore hem if they stick around for awhile
3. It is illegal to keep Mockingbirds or any other wild birds as a pet so you must release them
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