I know a lady that has cardinals an hours drive from me. She has some babies ready to go out on their own.  I would like to have a female cardinal. Could I do that if she were to catch one. I have a male cardinal that comes here every spring but never stays. I have a lot of other birds here.  How long would I have to keep it caged here before I released it as I want it to stay in this area?

It is against Federal Law to harass, keep, or harm, in any way, all birds. You cannot catch a bird or keep one in captivity for any amount of time without a federal permit (like bird rehab centers do.) Besides, unless you are an experienced bird keeper, you will not be able to raise a cardinal. Please, just let nature take its course and leave the birds be.
Even if it were legal, bringing a female to your area where a male cardinal passes through will not keep that male around.


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