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Hi Roger, 6 Months ago we had a shrike nest in a 20 ft. Bamboo clump that produced two fledglings and then another two last Month; they are all out of the nest and doing fine, but are still utilizing the nest and hanging around (again which is fine), last week however, I noticed a Grackle nest being built in the same Bamboo clump,,,about 10 feet away from the Shrike nest. My question, the Shrikes were very aggressive toward any other birds that came within 50 feet of their nest when there were eggs/babies in the nest,,but became somewhat more tolerant after the babies where out and about,,,,will there be a conflict now between the two varieties?...thanks Nick

Not likely. All birds will become a bit aggressive and protective when they have eggs or young to protect. After that, they only have to fend for themselves and that's not much of a problem so their aggression dissipates quite a bit.
P.S. Grackles and Shrikes are different species, not varieties. "Varieties" refers to different versions of the same species - such as varieties of chickens - leghorn, cornish, cochin, plymouth rock, polish, etc., but they are all chickens


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