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A bird built a nest in my hose reel attached to my house and laid four eggs.  My exterminator saw the bird fly out and pulled the nest out to spray ants, he didn't realize there were four babies until they were lying on the ground.  He replaced the nest and babies as best he could.   I went out shortly after he left and put the babies back for a second time.  I have restructured the nest as best I can so they won't fall out.  I haven't seen the momma since, will she return to take care of the babies?

I don't know if she will return. The only thing that would keep the parent bird away from the young at this stage is a lot of disturbance or a major disturbance. If she's gone for more than a few hours, you should call your local bird rehab center or wildlife official. The exterminator, seems to me, ought to have been more careful. Thanks for you concern


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