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I found a baby sparrow he had no feathers and had been pushed out of his nest. I put him back but he was pushed out again. I was able to keep him alive by feeding baby bird formula then graduated to mealy worms crickets and wax worms. The problem is that his legs are either deformed or broken. He is now able to fly but has difficulty sitting because its hard to balance with legs that don't work. But my problem is that he doesn't understand seeds. He plays in them but wont eat them. By the way wildlife rescues not interested, think he should be euthanized, I am not willing to do that. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you

The problem appears to be a lack of vitamin D - the bird has rickets, I think, and that's what caused the deformed legs and I doubt if adding vit D at this point will help, but you can try. He needs protein to grow and seeds are not a good food tat this time - worms and insects are best. So keep feeding him those and add a little vit d to his diet and hope for the beat


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