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Hi! I'm not sure if this is in your area of expertise but I thought I would try:) I've been feeding wild pigeons on my balcony for 5 years now.  They are wild and not pets but they hang out on my balcony every day for the last 5 years so I kind of feel like they are family and have become attached to them.  Recently a 6 week old pigeon that hatched on my balcony died.  I did a lot of research online and I'm almost positive it was PMV.  A couple days ago another adult pigeon is now showing the same exact symptoms the baby did before she died.  I know PMV is highly contagious between birds, what is the likelihood that the whole rest of the flock will become infected?  Is there anything I can do to help prevent this? They are wild pigeons (and about 40 of them) so I cant catch them and take them to the vet.  My final question is, I have 2 budgies as pets at home.  I'm always careful when going out on my balcony to feed the pigeons to wash my hands afterwards, but what is the danger of transmitting this to my budgies?
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PMV is possible but you don't know for sure unless a vet diagnoses it. Pesticide poisoning results in similar symptoms. But let's say it's PMV. Yes, it is very contagious and it is likely that the whole flock will get it, although the level of symptoms will vary among individuals. First thing you need to do is stop feeding the pigeons. Encouraging them to hang out on your balcony in close proximity assures that they will be in close contact with each another and spread the virus. And there is the possibility that your budgies will get the disease, but, I believe, and I'm not a vet, there is a vaccination you can get for them to protect them. Call your vet and ask. Best wishes


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