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I bought a home with an avairy and although we lost birds to negligence on our part, never having had one before. I have a problem no one can answer. We bought a female budgie to companion our blue one. There is another pair of budgies in the avairy and 6 laughing doves. A month after introducing the new female we found the blue male dead in the nesting box. We subsequently replaced him with another look alike. Its a week later and he was found dead in the same nesting box???? What could be going on, I have no previous experience in keeping birds. I find this so upsetting.

Hi Regan,

While this question is out of my area of expertise, I did want to make sure you checked the dead birds for wounds or feathers being plucked?  It's possible some of the other birds were beating up on it? Personally, I would suspect the nest box might be contaminated somehow.  I'd give it a VERY good cleaning, including bleaching it. OR just replace it with a new nest box?

Good luck, Robin


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