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Hello: I constructed a wren house from plans I found on the internet,and used the appropriate sized opening (1 1/8").I placed it in a tree in my back yard,but after three years,I haven't attracted any tenets.Can you give me some tips on what I am doing wrong? Thanks

A couple of things to think about. First, only a few wren species (House, Winter, Sedge, and Marsh) nest in Manitoba and then only in the southern part. The Marsh and Sedge Wrens prefer marshy areas and they and the  Winter Wrens build domed nests. So it is likely that the only wren you might attract is the House Wren. If you are in the northern part, there are no wrens there, except for maybe an occasional straggler. Second, since southern Manitoba is in the northern edge of wrens' range, there is probably only a small population relative to other areas. And the House Wren's range barely gets into Manitoba. Have you seen many wrens around?

Second, putting up a wren house is no guarantee wrens will use it. It may be a perfect house but if the habitat isn't correct they won't use it. Besides a place to nest, they need places to hide, to feed, find cover from storms, etc. And they can be disturbed by traffic, cats, dogs, or other disturbances.

So you are not doing anything wrong, but the circumstances might not be right.


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