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I have a pair of Lovebird Fischer, In December 2014 they laid 4 eggs, but didnít hatched. In 2nd January they thrown 2 eggs from nest. And start meeting. Also thrown away the bushes. Then I take away all the eggs. I thought after 2/3 months they will lay egg again. On 7th January they lay egg, this time 6 eggs. Days they lays, 7,9,11,13,16 and 18. Today is 7th Feb. No baby came. They start meeting and not sitting on egg properly. What is the problem or what care should I take.
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Hi Rahim,

Are you sure you have a male and female?  I think the only way to tell is to have them genetically sexed, though I'm not a veterinarian.  You might have two females and not realize it, as same sex pair can mate and act the same way that a male/female pair does. If you are sure they are male/female, the eggs might be infertile.  You can check your eggs for fertility by candling them. You can hold an LED pen light up to the eggs, and see inside them. If you see nothing inside the egg but a yellow yolk and egg white (like a chicken egg) then the eggs were probably never fertile. If you see a big black mass and any kind of movement in the egg, leave them be as they are close to hatching. If you see any kind of red spiderweb-like veining inside the egg, there is a growing embryo inside. If you see a small black mass, or something dark inside the egg with the absense of veining around it, then the embryo has died in shell. If you're sure the eggs are dead, you can crack them open to better examine the contents.

If you find the eggs were fertile but have died in shell, this could be due to a number of reasons as well. It could be due to inproper incubation - this can happen with a young hen, or a first clutch.  Another reason might be that there are vitamin or nutrient defeciencys in the hen or there could be genetic problems in the parents that are passed down to the chicks (inbreeding, etc).

Good luck!


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