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Hi there,
I have a pair of cockatiels. The female cockatiel is sick since morning. She's not eating or drinking water. She's sitting at the bottom of the cage. Loss of apetite. Wobbling her head like shes feeling dizzy or uneasy. Has loose and frequent droppings. I think she wants to eat but she's not able to eat by herself. Do I need to forcefeed her? Do I need to give her drops of water? Please help!

I was initially going to say this is outside my area of expertise, which it still is, as I believe your sick cockatiel needs veterinary care immediately.  I hope you have one close by you can take her to a.s.a.p.!  I did want to advise against force-feeding water or food, as a sick bird can easily aspirate (stuff goes down the air pipe). It could be she ate something toxic, or has an impacted egg (if they are a breeding pair), or any number of illnesses, so please consider taking her to a qualified veterinarian, which I am not.  Good luck.  


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