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Birds--General/almost 2 months house sparrow"i think its already a young adult bird""(Please READ ALL)


Good day sir,2 months ago my father rescued a house sparrow that I think is about a week old(can fly up to 3 feet at that time),I end up raising it,it become close to us,that bird is a glutton haha,we let it fly inside the house and only put it in the cage when its already 9 pm. Cause it's always energetic.I hand feed it,but can also find its own food inside the house eat almost anything but can identify what's not to be eaten,it love attention,when it see food it will go near us to ask food,it also play with us on its own,it will go to the computer and rest in the keyboard when we are using it or play with the moving mouse,its a curious little fellow,play with us always, when washing the dishes its always go to my shoulder,when I get down from the 2nd floor it will go to my shorts it has imprints I guess),also when it see new things it will approach it,I also feed it fruits,vegetables,bread,chocolates,everything we eat,we also feed it with a insect that it likes a lot,(its long with a lot of feet,never(i think s wood borer)approach it when he/she is eating that it will fly away from you)its everywhere in the house,floor,appliances,table sofa,chair,electric fan,painting,sleeps in clothes,metal,in our sliding door, to to our hands,sleep with me in the sofa.

Its afraid of a lot of things inside then comfort room,afraid to go up in the 2nd floor, balls,new things he see, near an open door, windows without a net,it will move its head a lot,then fly away,it also territorial(we rescued a couple of old house sparrow that fall of the drainage,put it in our little buddys cage, then he end up bullying the pair of house sparrow,and one of it escape and our little buddy chase it inside the house( our little buddy also sometimes sleep outside its cage)

THIS is The Question sir,,,
Our little buddy don't like to be hold with both inside both hands,it will fly away from you for some time,
One day my father play with our little buddy putting it inside both of his hands and bring it outside,it slip away and fly in a nearby tree,there our a lot of house sparrow in our community(I TELL MY FATHER DON'T PLAY WITH IT OUTSIDE)

Do you think will he survive outside??do you  think it will try to go back BT afraid to go inside the house(still leave the door open where he escape)(there is some part of its wings with silver pain but can't see it cause it flying)(my brother said he see. In the roof of our neighbor try to call it but it fly away,maybe don't recognize us(its 4 DAYS AGO)
Try to call it at night but its not going home(there are some cases that it will go home or answer to its call).
I really like is little buddy(namedPIDGEY)


Only time will tell if it can survive outside...I've seen captive-raised birds do fine when released. I assume you're in North America and we're heading into summer, so the weather should be warm enough for it. I would continue to provide food for it outside, somewhere up high where cats can't get to it, since it may have not developed a fear of predators. Whether it can ever socialize with birds of it's on species is questionable.  However, since it's a wild bird species, I think you should let it stay free and give it a chance to be wild!

Good luck!  By the way, I am a female :)


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