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I just recently picked up two white winged dove fledglings. They were knocked out of the nest or fled when the mother was snatched by a hawk. I have kaytee bird formula and one of them is doing well but the other eats only sparingly. I know it has an appetite because it's constantly trying to eat from the other baby at feeding time. What should i do to make sure they don't harm each other? And how can i get the other bird to eat more? I've tried various methods of feeding with the same result.

This is somewhat hard to answer as I can't tell the age of the birds, though it sounds like they should still be in the nest?  Also I can't tell what feeding method you're using.  If you're offering a wet formula and allowing them to suck it off a spoon or from a bottle, you may have to encourage the non-eating one to start by GENTLY prying open it's beak and placing a SMALL amount of food in the mouth. If they're old enough to eat on their own, you should be offering them some type of dry dove mix and/or a variety of small seed mixes, and let them start picking at it and eating on their own.  Sometimes playing with the food in front of them will encourage them to peck at it. They should be able to stand and walk before offering them food and water, as they may end up sitting it and getting cold and wet.  Along with bird seed they need to be offered calcium grit, necessary to help them grind the seeds in their crops. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful, as I'm not sure of your situation.  Good luck!  


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