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Hi Robin. I stumbled across this site while looking for an answer about breeding lovebirds. I have a young colony of masked lovebirds
who have started breeding. I have masked green and masked blue lovebirds in the same aviary. Initially I thought they had paired up with their own colors  but after watching the birds for sometime I realized that two pair have paired up with opposite colors , that is a green masked with a blue masked.  My concern here is what colors will their chick's be. Will they produce a mixed numbered on blue and green masked chicks or will I get the slate colored birds I have seen in other people's colonies. I'm hoping I don't get the slate colored chick's as I find their colourings unappealing. As you can tell I'm new to breeding so would be grateful for your advice. Kind regards, Beau, Marlborough,  New Zealand.

I don't know enough about this topic to answer, but I did see there are several websites that discuss hybridization among lovebirds, so I would advise you to do some searching on-line?  The other piece of information I found, is that depending on the parents, some crosses can be sterile, resulting in no chicks to worry about!  Best of luck.  


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