Hi.  We live on a small farm and have a few laying hens, peahens, and one peacock.  He has lived here for nearly 17 years with no trouble between him and the other birds.  Recently his crest feathers started disappearing and we assumed a molt.  After a few days we noticed the other feathers on his head being pulled out.  We have isolated him and they are coming back but we don't want to keep him cooped up if there is a remedy for this.  I'm not sure which hen is pulling them out.  We've never had this problem before.  Perhaps it's not even a plucking issue.  We asked our vet about it and they had no idea.  They had never heard of this problem among interspeices communities (their words) that had been together for so long.

Any advice please.  He just spends all day trying to get back to his adopted flock.

I actually don't have an answer either, I would suspect either a hen is pulling them out, so if you let him back with the flock, maybe you could keep a good eye on him and figure it out? It sounds like he's an older bird, so maybe losing some feathers due to old age? (I don't even know if that's possible!)  Another idea is maybe he scraped them on something, like a branch? I'm sorry I wasn't more help!  Good luck.  


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