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Please find the attached photo of "Precious".  I noticed she can not fly any more and stays in her cage but she her appitite is great and she drinks water and plays with her toys in her cage. She has a Cockatail that is her best friend (Princess).

Precious is six years old and I noticed under her right wing she is missing all her feathers and you can see her skin.  PLEASE  HELP  !!  I have no money and I've been on disability and re entering the work force and have a job interview on Sept the first and I feel confident that a job will come soon.

I had a Parakeet that lived 15 years, he ate lettuce, pasta and spinich.  She and the Cocktail will only eat seeds.  

She is my 4th Parakeet I've had and the others lived for six years besides Romeo.   Please any advise would help me right now.  Thank the Lord she is still eating and still wont share her favorite toy with Princess the Cockatail!  Much Blessings to you and pray you answer soon.

Sorry for the delay in answering, my Internet was down for 3 days.  Unfortunately, I am not that familiar with diseases of companion birds, and the photo can not be used for diagnosis.  If there is no sign of injury (blood, bruising, abrasion), then I don't know what to advise. Rubbing some aloe vera gel on the area probably wouldn't hurt, and could help with possible skin conditions. Yes, you are right, it's a very good sign she is still eating, drinking, and playing. If you can't afford a veterinarian at the moment, perhaps you have a local bird pet store in your area?  While they're not veterinarians either, they do see a lot of bird conditions. Good luck!  


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