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Hi, I feed wild birds daily and I have noticed a recent addition to the birds. A small yellow parakeet has been eating with the wild ones almost all summer. I noticed her around the first of June. I am concerned about her and our winters. We do get pretty cold here in Arkansas and I was wondering if she will fly south for the winter? I don't know what I could do about it either way, because she is totally stoked about being free. Just wondering.   Trina

I assume this is someone's escaped pet if you're in Arkansas.  First off, I would check with all local veterinary clinics and pet stores to see if someone has posted a notice about losing their pet bird. I doubt it will fly south for the winter, especially if you continue to provide food. What triggers migration is not completely understood, but may be due to a combination of things such as changes in day length, lower temperatures, and changes in food resources. Some of these factors are genetically inherited, especially migration patterns.  Since parakeets are native to the Southern Hemisphere, there is no telling what triggers it might have, or even if they naturally migrate!  I supposed it could follow the flock it's mixed in with, but I'm skeptical. So, unless you can capture it or find it's owners, all you can do is continue to provide food and wait and see what happens.  Good luck!


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