QUESTION: i found this poor dead bird in my yard today. is it a female Lesser Goldfinch? that's the closest i could find online

ANSWER: I'm sorry, the picture you attached didn't open for me. This is a good website for bird ID:

Good luck, sorry you had to find it dead. Maybe there are living ones around your area to help with the IDing?

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QUESTION: it seems i am right, based on one of the pictures in the website you gave me. i do have a bird feeder in front of my window but i haven't seen it there. do they go to bird feeders much?

so far i've only seen these species: Cardinal, sparrow, chickadees (a big family of them, actually), robins, titmouse, and an occasional woodpecker. the woodpecker i haven't seen in a long time though.

It depends on what you have in your feeder.  Goldfinches love thistle seeds, and readily go to feeders that contain it. Robins don't eat seeds, so I'm not sure what they would eat at your feeder, unless you have suet?  Anyway, I'm glad you're feeding birds and taking an interest in them!


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