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The baby dove I found still has some pin feather but has almost all its adult feathers. The tail is about an inch long.  I live over 20 miles from a grocery store and it is evening here.  Can I take some of the wild bird food I put out, grind it up real fine and add a little water so that it will go thru the syringe I got from my vet for my dogs.  I will not include the sunflower seeds.  I cannot put this baby back where I found it due to numerous feral cats.

That sounds like an OK start to feed food, or soaked dog/cat chow ground up also works.  Doves and pigeons eat more by a sucking motion, so you should offer the food to the baby in a spoon...put it up to their beak, and dip the beak in if necessary.  If you force food into their beaks, they can aspirate it (i.e., the food goes down the wind pipe instead of the esophagus).  The food should be warm, but NOT hot. Be sure and clean up (wipe off with a moistened towel) any messes made on the beak or feathers. As soon as you can, I'd try and purchase a formula made for baby doves, either from a feed store or your vet.  Good luck, these birds can be tricky to raise!


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