We had a bad storm and I don't think this baby will make it, but I still want to ask. He seems very heavy and feels like he's full of water. He can not stand up and his wing was bleeding. His sibling didn't make it he was already gone. I don't want to move him a lot but I also don't want him to move as I think it nay I guard itself more. I have a heating pad for him and towels. He can't really lift his head but he tries to stand. I don't want to stress him and his crop looks full! Should I just let him be and see if the heat helps? At least to warm him
He also has shallow heavy breathing
How can I help with the breathing

Sorry to hear about the little guy. You are doing the right thing so far but without seeing him I cannot make any specific recommendations except to suggest that you contact your local wildlife rehab center. If you don't know of one, call your local wildlife agency and they will probably know. Nothing you can do about the breathing because it is probably caused by stress. It should normalize in awhile. If you end up feeding him/her, you may be able to get special pigeon food from your local feed store; young doves are fed a  special "crop milk" by the parents and pigeon breeders have a substitute food. Good luck and thanks for your concern.


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