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I found two doves a day apart in different areas. One is definitely older. I know they can be renested but let's face it, thus is Arizona where there's limited trees and most won't hold me up! I've been feeding them booked egg yolk with crackers and water or sometimes baby food one goes crazy for it but not the other he rarly eats or drinks. I won't give up though. I keep them in a drawer with towels and a heating pad under the towel. My question is when they are done eating and are all messy how do I bathe them?

It is very difficult to raise baby birds and I urge you to look for a wildlife rehab center for help. Even if you are successful, the birds will be used to humans and may not make it in the wild. You cannot keep them, though, as it is illegal to do so. But doves (these are Mourning Doves) and pigeons are fed special crop food from their parents and you might be able to get some special food from a feed store.
All that said, do not feed them crackers or water. Crackers have no protein and water might get into their lungs. Feed moist food but no water.Eggs are fine but feed whites as well as yolks. Yolks are fat but whites are protein which is what they really need.Bathe them with a damp paper towel but don't worry about getting them too clean.
Good luck and thanks for your concern.


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