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I found two baby mourning doves a day apart in different areas. One is definitely older. I know they can be renested but let's face it, thus is Arizona where there's limited trees and most won't hold me up! I've been feeding them booked egg yolk with crackers and water or sometimes baby food one goes crazy for it but not the other he rarly eats or drinks. I won't give up though. I keep them in a drawer with towels and a heating pad under the towel. My question is when they are done eating and are all messy how do I bathe them?

Make sure they cab get off the heating pad (you could cook them!) and it should be set on LOW.  Depending on their age, you could try offering some dove/pigeon seed (or cracked corn) and maybe finely chopped fruit or oats.  To clean them, dip a Qtip in warm water and GENTLY massage the dried food off their face/bill/feathers. If it remains on, it can cause sores leading to infection (due to bacteria), and if you rub too hard at the dried food, it will pull the feathers off and you could damage the feather follicles, or the feathers could take a long time to grow back in.  Best to clean them up before it dries!  


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