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Rachel L.Floyd wrote at 2011-07-24 17:16:55
Hello my name is Rachel Floyd and a pair of mourning doves laid eggs in my flower pot. One nite the momma dove got spooked and left the eggs for over an hour so i ckd the eggs and they were very cool to the touch so i took them from the nest and held them against my body to warm them as they should be at least 96 degrees. I got a heating pad and 3thick towels and warmed the towels i ckd the temp of the towels with a thermometer when warm enough i placed them on the towels. I ckd the temp. All nite and turned the eggs every couple of hours and made sure the temp.Stayed between 96-98 degrees. The momma came back the following morning was fixin the nest and left so i hurried and placed them back in the nest and then poppa dove came to do his shift sitting on the eggs and on 7/15/2011 @ 2pm they hatch. We call the babies Phineus & Ferb and they are 9 days old and healthy.

Free Spirit wrote at 2013-06-23 17:45:38
I have Mourning Doves nesting in a low branch and I saw they were not there and so I lightly pulled the branch down to took a look and unfortunately the eggs fell into the grass.  Not touching them directly with a paper towel I put them back but they have not returned. It's been 95 during the day but mid 60's at night. I feel really bad for being so curious.  


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I've been published in "Budgies" and "Cockatiels" offered by Bow Tie Productions, and have written avian articles for publication in England.

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