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Hi, this is a question from me and my mom.
I've been on birth control for a year now, and on November 15, 2012, I had double jaw surgery. So of course I had to take antibiotics(prevents infection), which could possibly take away the birth controls effect. Me and my boyfriend have refrained from sex, cause I'd never risk that. When I first got out of the hospital, I was pretty drugged up, and starving(providing I could only drink, and had to relearn how to drink because my jaw had been re-positioned); anywho, we forgot to take the pill for a couple days and my cycle started up (my period) and so we decided to just start a new pack. We havent started the new pack yet, because we couldn't remember how many days after your period starts that you start a new pack. My period started Nov. 20, so what day do I start the new pack? I know I could call a local pharmacy, I was just lying in bed, knowing I can't speak clearly because of my silly splint, and thought this would be quick and easy.

The day a period starts is a good day to start a new pack.  Yours is more breakthrough bleeding rather than the start of a new period, but you can start the new pack anytime.  If you start a new pack on the first day of a normal period, it's effective immediately.  Since you're starting the new pack after being off the pill for a few days, it will be effective after being on the new pack for 7 days.

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